Social Responsability

CerradinhoBio’s social principle is quality of life for its employees and their families, development and support of social, educational, health and housing projects in the surrounding communities.

We promote several programs for development, training, and capacity building, both for its employees and the community. We support and implement several sustainability initiatives and programs. We contribute to the growth and development of the locations where we operate, by generating jobs, income, and training labor.

We are especially caring for future generations. Through educational projects and campaigns that benefit children, teenagers, and adults, we promote citizenship and quality of life, always based on dialogue and transparency in our relations with society segments. Therefore, it has collaborated with entities in the municipalities where it operates, as well as with sectorial bodies. Our goal is to achieve excellence in actions, competent humanism, and integrity, all adjusted with a constructive focus. To learn more about our work, follow us on our social media.

Main Programs

Cerradinho, committed to social development, achieved through the 2019/2020 crop a milestone regarding its work with the community with an exponential increase of 700% in the total amount invested in social projects. To increase our involvement and meet local demands, a public bidding process was opened in which 30 projects from 16 different entities were enrolled and evaluated by the Social Investment Committee using pre-established criteria. Among these, six were chosen and, together, received a total of R$263,324.

Criança doce energia

Criança Doce Energia, a core project for focusing on education as an essential tool for social transformation, has been working for 10 years in Chapadão do Céu (GO). Assisting both employees’ children as well as children and youngsters from the community, it offers initiatives related to a comprehensive education and regular education with the purpose of contributing to the training, formation of ethical citizens, aware of their rights and fulfilling their duties related to leisure, training, and learning alternatives to meet local needs.
Besides contributing to the training, preparation, and personal and professional development, the Criança Doce Energia Project also stimulates the ludic side of the participants. The attendance of specialized teachers and professionals who are at the students’ disposal to share experiences and help teach new skills demonstrates the team’s commitment to the students’ learning and also to the community, which is given the opportunity to participate in several initiatives and campaigns.

Young Apprentice

Focused on training future professionals in different sectors, the program is developed in partnership with the National Service for Industrial Learning (Senai). The program assists students between the ages of 16 and 24. The objective is to train, qualify, and maintain these future professionals.
It has already graduated seven classes, totaling 157 people. At the end of each High School class, the three best students who work for the company are awarded a scholarship that covers 50% of the college or technical course.
Source: Sustainability Report. 2019-2020 Crop