Performance facing the pandemic

Upon the outbreak of COVID-19 in December 2019, the world is going into warning mode. And, with the advent of the first case in Brazil, Cerradinho needed to adapt to preserve the health of its employees and collaborators, as well as the regional citizens.
Thus, through a special committee, we started acting to minimize the impacts of the pandemic, while maintaining our essential activity for society. Our first response was to develop a plan to preserve the health of our employees by strictly following the instructions of the local and international health authorities.

Home office

A remote work system was adopted for the administrative area and for the group of employees who are members of the risk group, thus respecting the social distance. In only one week, the Catanduva (SP) office was totally relocated, enabling 90 employees to work from their homes without any loss of productivity.

Action Plan

For essential workers, a change in work shifts was adopted in order to avoid crowding and maintain a distance that ensures our employees’ health. We have also adopted a new routine for cleaning the spaces, ensuring a safe work environment, with the implementation of 70 INPM alcohol dispensers. In addition to the adjustment of the transportation system and the decommissioning of the biometrics checkpoint.

Social Activity

On an exceptional basis, our mill produced 22.5 thousand liters of 70 INPM liquid alcohol for donation by the Goiás State Government, to the Chapadão do Céu and Chapadão do Sul city halls. Alcohol 70 INPM was also distributed to the surrounding residents and our community. Internally, we use 32 thousand liters of alcohol to guarantee the hygiene of our collaborators and areas.
Our employees raised R$60,000 for the purchase and distribution of prevention materials for entities in Catanduva, Chapadão do Céu, and Chapadão do Sul.
Following the Anvisa’s release of the adaptation of industrial oxygen cylinders for hospital use, Cerradinho provided 20 cylinders to the city of Chapadão do Céu. In addition, a multi-parameter monitor was also donated to contribute to the COVID-19 patient care.

Source: Sustainability Report. 2019-2020 Crop* Portuguese Only