Our Products

Cerradinho Bioenergia operates in the sugar and energy sector, always seeking to fulfill its commitment to production with responsibility and excellence.

Hydrous Ethanol

Ethanol is one of the most important products made by the Company. Cerradinho has a consolidated capacity to produce 730 million liters of ethanol, owning the largest ethanol production complex in Brazil. In the 2020/21 crop, the Company produced 647 million liters of hydrous ethanol, 442 million of which from sugarcane and 205 million from corn.


Electricity is another relevant product of Cerradinho, cogenerating clean and renewable energy, in line with its values and commitments. In the 2020/21 crop, we exported 362 GWh to the SIN. Additionally, 110 GWh of cogenerated electricity was geared towards the corn ethanol plant. The Company has the capacity to generate 1,300 GWh of electricity, always seeking to optimize its operations and respect its commitment to the environment.


Cerradinho also engages in animal nutrition through Dried Distillers Grains with Solubles (DDGs) at the Neomille unit. The co-products originate from corn processing for ethanol production. These products fully recover corn fiber, protein and fat and are another means to innovate, transform and expand the Company’s product portfolio, avoiding waste and respecting Cerradinho’s principles. In the 2020/21 crop, the Company produced 124 thousand tons of DDGs.

Corn Oil

To serve the animal nutrition market, Neomille produces corn oil, which is also a co-product from corn ethanol production. It is an important initiative to pursue the Company’s growth strategy. In the 2020/21 crop, the Company produced 5 thousand tons of corn oil.