CerradinhoBio will invest R$ 280 million in production of corn etanol

With privileged geography for origination of raw material and products, together with the continuous strategy of generating value for company, community and partners, a Cerradinho Bioenergia S.A. announces the implementation of a plant corn ethanol using the best existing technologies to diversify its source of raw materials and, from corn, to produce biofuel and products.

The investment of R$ 280 million will increase ethanol production by 230,000 m³, equivalent to 50% of the current capacity, consolidating a plant as the largest complex industrial production of bioenergy in Latin America.

The expansion project foresees an occupation of 190 thousand square meters, located next to the current CerradinhoBio park, in Chapadão do Céu, southwest of Goiás. The location was strategically designed so that there is synergy with the already production of ethanol from sugarcane, especially in the use of key inputs, such as energy and steam, added to an entire infrastructure and knowledge of the production environment.

A new plant also produced by DDGs (Dry Distilled Grains with Solubles), products that recover 100% of the fiber, protein and fat contained in maize, and which is food to the market of animal nutrition, thus expanding the product portfolio of the company. How technologies and processes are applied ensure that the new plant operates without generation of any type of waste, transforming all the raw material and inputs into products.

With a forecast of 14 months, a work will employ more than 500 people and other new 50 jobs are generated with the operational start of the plant, scheduled for may 2019.

After inaugurating in 2017 an expansion of energy production – becoming the largest biomass energy from Brazil, with the capacity to export 850 GWh/year and installed capacity of 160 MW, the corn ethanol project will confirm the CerradinhoBio as a reference in bioenergy in the country.

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Last Update on January 31, 2018