Cerradinho Commitment

CerradinhoBio is committed to excellence in the products it offers. Always acting in a transparent way, in order to generate value for the business and also for society. Concerned with the environment and presenting a clean production, we have sustainability as an essential pillar, aiming to be a socially fair, environmentally correct, and economically viable company.

Following our objective of optimizing our numbers, we were positive about ethanol and corn operations in the 2019/20 crop year. The performance in recent years validates the results about the investments in cane crushing capacity and the operational adjustments to reduce costs.

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Consistent with our principles, we aim to be agile and ethical in attending to market opportunities, to offer quality of life and appreciation to our employees and their families, in addition to our social conduct of supporting social, educational, and housing projects in the communities surrounding the company. With this, the development of the processes increases our competitiveness for the realization of our customers, contributing to the continued business continuity.